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CALLEY is essentially an automatic call dialer created to call multiple people without dialing their numbers manually

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for Mobile Phones 

Calley is a cloud-based automatic call dialer software for your sales team. To make it easy to manage it has 2 parts. First, a cloud-based web panel through which you can load contacts lists to call and second, a mobile app through which you can actually call and update status of calls. With calling modes for Power Dialing and Progressive Dialing Calley is helping businesses in 70+ countries to manage their inside sales processes.

Power Dialing

i.e. you finish one call to save its feedback and Calley automatically dials the next call for you.

Preview Dialing

i.e. click to call dialing where you can see a list of numbers to dial and click on them to dial.

Uninterrupted Mode

i.e. keep calling without interruptions for feedback updates. Set call delay for the whole list & keep calling.

Why do I need an Auto Call Dialer?

Anyone who is a part of a sales team knows the importance of a telephonic call. It is more personalized than an email, but dialing numbers manually can be a major drain on your productive time. CALLEY comes to the rescue by allowing you to call multiple numbers without dialing them manually.

Do more than just Calling

Calley is the ultimate tool for inside sales teams. An automatic call dialer coupled with a Free CRM to manage your leads prospecting. It comes with fabulous features which makes your calling hassle-free and manages your data with ease.

Multiple Lists

Load multiple lists in your panel at once. It saves you round trip of loading data again and again while calling.

No Call Limits

Each list allows you to load 500 numbers at once, you have no limit on how many numbers you call.

SMS Templates

Create SMS templates from your web panel, which gets synced with your mobile app automatically.

Call Disposition

Create different post call feedback templates from your web panel. It helps you segregate prospects better.

Call Pausing

Option to pause a list at any time as per your requirement. You can resume same list or load a different one.

Automatic Reminders

Get notifications for scheduled calls directly on your mobile phone. You can also see that data in your web panel.

Do not Disturb

Why call someone and get penalised. Calley allows you to manage your DND list right from your web panel.

Auto Speed Dial

Upload your list, then press “start dialing” Contact’s information pops up so you know who you are speaking to.

Mobile Friendly

No landlines required! Just Android & Apple mobile phones. Boot-up your app & start making calls. FAST!

Sales Pitch Script

With auto dialing on your phone you can open your sales script & refer to the same while speaking to prospects.

Cool-Off Timer

After every call the agents get time to take notes or prepare for the next call. They are more productive than burnt.

Data Security

Get an account for yourself or a team of your agents. The valley does not restrict no. of calls or agents in a panel.

No Telemarketing Delays

Your contact won’t hear that awkward “hello, hello” or worse, silence before hearing your agents voice.

Custom Reporting

Get a quick review of your call lists, agents or call dispositions right from a cloud hosted the web panel.

Unlimited Agents

Get an account for yourself or a team of your agents. The valley does not restrict no of calls or agents in a panel.

Start calling in 2 mins

We optimised Calley processes so that you can get started with your calling process in under 2 mins.
“Loosing time in Sales is a SIN”

Why switch to Calley

CALLEY is an advanced Auto Dialer App that saves you time, helps you meet more buyers and get more Sales. It is a great tool for startups, sales teams, HR companies, event companies or for YOU. If you are selling to Leads, Referrals, Current Clients or Past Clients you need to GetCalley.


Happy Customers in 70+ countries & counting!


“Wow its Awesome App for Sales Calls, amazing, will use it daily for my sales calls, it will save me a lot of time calling new leads.easy to use interface, easy to upload the leads. Superb Team Calley.”


Calley is a quite affordable app that has a fairly efficient system that makes working in the office a lot more easier. Customer support is quite responsive. I love it, keep building.


“Very helpful app for sales team, all calls are automated and report send on mail. Do you have an iOS version coming up. Keep up the good work. Thanks Team Calley for a superb product.”


“Absolutely Superb, clean, quick and does exactly what it says. Lovely design and great features. I use it daily and it keeps my calls organized and on time. It’s simple an easy to use.”

GetCalley for your sales team

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Free Dialer

Calley Personal

Free for Life

$ 0.00
per month
  • 25 Calls Per day
  • Single Calling Lists
  • Max List Size of 50 records
  • Calling Dashboard
  • Add Contacts Manually
  • Call Pausing

Single User

Calley PRO

For 1 User

$ 29.00
per month
  • Unlimited Calls 
  • Multiple Calling Lists
  • Calling Dashboard
  • SMS Templates
  • Call Disposition Templates
  • Add Contacts Manually
  • Call Pausing
  • Call Rechurn
  • Today's List
  • Edit Scheduled Calls
  • DND Filtering
  • Call Analysis Reports

    Power Import

    10 Fields in Calling List

Multiple User

Calley TEAMS

A pack of 5 User

$ 59.00
per month
  • Unlimited Calls
  • 5 Agents licence
  • Multiple calling lists 
  • Calling Dashboard
  • SMS Templates
  • Call Disposition Templates
  • Call ReChurn
  • Today's List
  • Edit Scheduled Calls
  • DND Filtering
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Team Creation
  • Team Dashboard
  • Add Contacts Manually
  • Call Pausing
  • Agent wise call reporting
  • Feedback Wise Call Reporting
  • List wise call reporting
  • Migration of Data from one Agent to Another
  • CRM Integration using Open API

    Integration using Zapier

    Power Import

    10 Fields in Calling List